• Ability Resources

    WelTec's Ability Resource Centre provides assistance to students with impairments and also offers advice to tutors on working with people with impairments. 

    Early contact with the Ability Resource Coordinator is encouraged. Contact us as soon as enrolment is complete, or before if possible. This is a confidential service offering advocacy and facilitation of support services, such as reader/writers, specialized equipment, and in-class support tutors.

    Request an appointment with an Ability Advisor

    Phone: (0800) 141 121

  • What We Do

    If you are enrolled at WelTec and have an illness, a disability or a learning difficulty then we encourage you to contact Ability Resource Services as soon as possible.

    Phone: 0800 141 121 

    If you are, or think you may be, affected by a health condition or disability, the Ability team can meet with you to set up an individual learning plan and any other resources you may need. The types of support that students who register with Ability Services may be entitled to include: 

        • Confidential liaison, advocacy and support 
        • Readers, writers or note takers
        • Additional time to complete assessments and tests
        • Separate room for exams and tests
        • Specialised equipment and materials
        • In-class support tutors 
        • Assessment of learning disabilities
        • Mobility parking spaces
        • Individual planning sessions to address time management and problem solving issues
        • Networking and referral to outside agencies

    • Frequently Asked Questions

      What does Ability Resource Services do? 

      Ability Resource Services (ARS) offer confidential liaison, advocacy and support to students with disabilities. One of the Ability Advisors may meet with you as part of the enrollment process to discuss your readiness for study and establish your need for support. ARS also stays in contact with students throughout their study to make sure you have the individualised supports that you need such as specialised equipment and reader/writers. For more information on the specific supports Ability Resource can provide, see the What We Do page.   

      Who can get support from Ability Resource Services? 

      ARS offers support to any student enrolled at WelTec who has an illness, disability or learning difficulty. In order to receive support, it is helpful to have certification from a medical or educational professional. If you have an illness or disability, but are unsure if you can provide this, make an appointment to discuss your individual circumstance with an Ability Advisor.

      Where is Ability Resource Services?

      In Wellington, Ability Resource Services is based in the Learning Commons at the Petone campus on Level 2, 11 Kensington Ave, Petone, 5011. 

      In Auckland, Ability Resource Services can be found on Level 2 at 450 Queen St, Auckland, 1010. 

      I am a student at the  Cuba St or Church St campus. Can I see an Ability Advisor in Wellington?

      Yes. Ability Advisors can meet you and provide support for you at any campus. Phone 0800 141 121 or email learningcommons@weltec.ac.nz to make an appointment at the campus that is most convenient for you. 

      I have a disability or a health condition. How do I get help? 

      We encourage students to meet with ARS as soon as possible. When you have enrolled for study, phone 0800 141 121 or email learningcommons@weltec.ac.nz to make an appointment to meet with an Ability Advisor. The meeting will help determine what types of support you need, and how it should be facilitated. All information shared with ARS is confidential. 

      I have a temporary impairment . Can ARS help? 

      Yes. Ability Advisors are able to arrange for both long- and short-term support. Some students require supports such as a mobility parking space or a writer/notetaker only for a short time while recovering from an injury, for example. Make an appointment to speak to an Ability Advisor to discuss your needs.

      What if I don't want anyone to know that I have a disability? 

      Information about your disability and health conditions is kept confidential. 

      I am partway through my study, and I am having difficulties due to a disability - can Ability Resource Services help? 

      Yes. Students are encouraged to meet with Ability Resources before they begin their study; however, support is available any time throughout the year. Make an appointment as soon as possible if you think you need support. 

      I think I may have a learning difficulty, a disability or a health condition but I'm not sure. What do I do? 

      Ability Resource Services can help connect you with services, both at WelTec and in the community, to assist with assessment and diagnosis.

      I don't have a disability or a health condition, but I am having a difficult time with my study. What do I do? 

      If you do not have a disability or a healthy condition, but you need support, it is still available! Contact the Learning Commons at 0800 141 121 or learningcommons@weltec.ac.nz. A Learning Advisor will be in touch with you to discuss your needs. 

      I am a tutor working with a student who has, or may have a disability or learning difficulty. Is there support available?  

      Yes. If you are working with a student with a disability or learning difficulty, and have questions or need support, contact Ability Resource Services. An Ability Advisor or a Learning Advisor will liaise with you to discuss specialised teaching strategies and facilitate a plan of support for your student. See the Tutor Resources page for downloadable information about specific conditions that may affect students at WelTec.

      • Tutor Resources

        Ability Resource Services are here to support tutors as well as students. If you are working with a student who has a learning difficulty, disability or health condition, ARS can work with you to facilitate a support plan. 

        Below are downloadable resources that provide a summary of conditions that may affect students at WelTec and strategies for working with them. For more information contact the Learning Commons at  0800 141 121 or learningcommons@weltec.ac.nz, or contact an Ability Advisor directly. 



        Autism Spectrum Disorder/Asperger's 





        For a list of helpline and support services for students click here

        • Meet Our Team



          Jane Stephens

          Ability Advisor

          Jane is one of the Ability Advisors based at the Petone campus.
          She is on campus on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 

          Email: jane.stephens@weltec.ac.nz

          Rebecca Burns

          Ability Advisor

          Rebecca is one of the Ability Advisors based at the Petone campus.
          She is on campus on Monday, Thursday and Friday.


          Sandee Beattie

          Ability Administrator

          Sandee is based at the Petone campus.

          Email: sandee.beattie@weltec.ac.nz


          • Student Forms

            This is the form you use when you would like assistance from the ability resources team for an exam.