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Your WelTec/Moodle password

Your WelTec/Moodle password

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Check that your WelTec password has not expired yet. One way to test is if you can get to your WelTec email or if you can log into Moodle. If you can't do either of these, that means your WelTec password has expired.

How to resolve completely forgotten WelTec/Moodle password or expired WelTec/Moodle password

Please call 0800 935 832 (WELTEC) and ask to be transferred to the Learning Commons. The Learning Commons staff will need to ask you some verification questions for security purposes so please make sure you also have your Student ID# handy.

Your WelTec password expires every 72 days. To make sure you don't get locked out of your WelTec profile or Moodle, you can change this any time.

Read here on how to change your password BEFORE expiring.