Harassment Prevention

WelTec is committed to a safe learning and working environment. As such, WelTec actively promotes its policy of harassment prevention for both staff and students. 

Any member of the institute's community who believe they are being subjected to harassment, be it sexual, racial or bullying, should contact one of the WelTec contact persons. The contact person is responsible for listening to you and taking down a written statement. They will outline the options open to you and offer to arrange any assistance you may require. They will ensure your complaint is dealt with as soon as possible and inform you of any developments. 

 Students and staff are welcome to, and are actively encouraged to, have a support person present at any time during the process for dealing with harassment. 

 Please contact the Academic Director's Office or Human Resources on (04) 9202 409, (04) 9202 410 or (04) 9202 786. If at any time you are not happy with the process, or you do not feel comfortable dealing with the matter inside WelTec, you may contact the Human Rights Commission on (04) 4739 981. They will give you information on what to do next.

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