• Student Services

    On this page you'll find information about the wide range of services available to you as a WelTec student. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact one of our friendly, switched-on Student Advisors. They can talk to you about: 

    • Enrolment enquiries
    • Programme information 
    • Student ID cards 
    • General enquiries 
    • Paying your fees
    • Student parking 

    To speak to an advisor just visit the the Information Centre in the Student Hub — Tower Block, Petone campus and Level 1 Church Street. The information centre is open Monday to Friday: 8.00 am - 5.00 pm.

    You can also phone: 0800 WelTec (0800 935 832) or email studentadvisors@weltec.ac.nz

  • Assessment Information

    Assessments at WelTec 

    Please refer to your online Programme Handbook for information on assessment procedures, assessment rational, assessment schedule, format of assessments and assessment cover sheets and submitting assessments

    Aegrotat Circumstances

    Where you consider your performance in an assessment may be affected by any circumstance or situation which you could not have reasonably prevented, you may apply for an 'aegrotat pass'. This covers situations in which you have been unable to complete the assessment or have completed the assessment but believe that your level of performance has been impaired.

    Please refer to your online Programme Handbook for information specific to your programme.

    Results and Certificates

    Current students can log in to the APlus Results portal (also accessible through the WelTec website under bottom strip "Current students") to access provisional results.  To read more on provisional results, official result notifications, academic records, unit standard results and certificates, please see further information on the WelTec website 

    Results for each assessment are available within 15 working days on WelTec's APlus Results portalFinal course grades are available within 25 working days from the course end date.

    Please refer to your online Programme Handbook for information on assessment results notifications specific to your programme.

    Past results

    Current Students

    if you require a Replacement Certificate, Academic Record or Results Notice you can apply for one by emailing records@weltec.ac.nz. Please note we only issue one Academic Record free to current students, per year. After that there is a $25.00 fee.

    Previous students

    Previous students will need to complete an application form and hand it in to Reception, post to Private Bag 39814, Lower Hutt, or email to records@weltec.ac.nz

    • Enrolment Information

      Below you will find useful information for current students about enrolment processes at WelTec. However if you have any questions get in touch with one of our friendly student advisors.  Talk through any queries you have about study at WelTec over the phone, or book an appointment for a comprehensive course planning session. You can contact a student advisor on 0800 935 832 or by email at studentadvisors@weltec.ac.nz. You can also pop into visit us at the reception area on each WelTec campus. 

      Important information about your programme of study and the academic calendar can be found in your programme handbookcheck it out here

      Transfers/changes to enrolment 

      You can change the courses in your enrolment by completing a Transfer/Change Enrolment form

      Please return the form to the Student Information centre at any Campus or Mail to: Private Bag 39814, Lower Hutt 5045 

      Applications must be received before the start of the course, or within the approved refund period. After these dates changes to your enrolment will not be processed with a refund except under exceptional circumstances. 

      Please contact us for further information: studentadvisors@weltec.ac.nz or phone: 0800 935 832

      Remember that you need to re-enrol for each year of your programme and must use the correct re-enrolment form. 


      Your timetable will be available to you at orientation, or on http://timetable.weltec.ac.nz

    • Student Finance

      Money Matters

      Getting yourself financially sorted is all part of being Study Ready. If you're enrolling onto a new course of study it's important to get your Studylink application in as soon as possible. You can apply online here


      If you need assistance with Studylink, want to know about your entitlements, or just need general financial guidance or support, WelTec can help. Get in touch with WelTec's Student Services Officer. They are based at Petone Campus but are also available at the Church Street and Cuba Street Campuses on Wednesdays. 

      Assistance can be given if you require extra help from Studylink or Work and Income, or with making an application to WelTec's Student Support Fund.

      To find out more about StudyLink visit www.studylink.govt.nz or contact 0800 88 99 00. 

      Top Financial Tips

      1. Work part-time; if you haven't already register with Student Job Search www.sjs.co.nz
      2. Get a Snapper Card - you'll save at least 20% on bus fares
      3. Price up monthly passes for the bus or train www.metlink.org.nz or www.tranzmetro.co.nz
      4. Ditch the takeaways - cook from scratch and buy groceries in bulk

      Contact the Student Services Office via the Student Information Centres at all Campuses, email studentsupport@weltec.ac.nz or call 0800 WELTEC (935 832).

      WelTec Student Support Fund

      Current students who are experiencing financial hardship or economic problems likely to adversely affect their studies may apply for financial assistance from WelTec's Student Support Fund. Your application to the fund is confidential, and the information you provide is protected by the Privacy Act 1993.

      Further information about the Student Support Fund and the application form can be found here

      If you would like to apply, fill out the application form and hand it in at your WelTec Student Information Centre, or contact the Student Services Officer if you would like further information or assistance.

      Budget Advice
      WelTec's Student Services Officer is a qualified NZFFBS Budget Advisor. They can give you the low down on how to make those pennies go further. The Student Services Officer is available across all campuses to give you tailored budget advice and financial guidance. If you want to make an appointment to tackle your budget head on, please email studentsupport@weltec.ac.nz, phone us on 0800 WELTEC (935 832), or enquire at the Student Information Centre at any campus. You'll need to bring a current bank statement along to your budget advice appointment.

      • Graduation Information

        Graduation Eligibility 

        A student is eligible to attend a graduation ceremony if:

        • They have successfully completed a programme containing formal, moderated assessment, and
        • The award is a certificate, diploma, degree, graduate diploma or a graduate certificate, and
        • They have completed a programme of study equal or greater to 0.5 EFTS, and of at least one trimester duration, and
        • They have successfully completed their programme within the previous 18 months.

        Please refer to your online Programme Handbook for the graduation criteria relevant to your programme.   

        Also please refer to our website for current graduation information 

        A person wishing to have their award presented at a WelTec graduation ceremony must formally apply - go to www.weltec.ac.nz/graduation.nz to apply online.


        • Accommodation and Childcare


          Domestic Students

          Contact 0800 WELTEC (0800 935 832) for more information, or email accommodation@weltec.ac.nz

          International Students

          See the International Section on our website for more information or email international@weltec.ac.nz



          Raising children while studying can be challenging. 

          Te Whare Ako, WelTec's Childcare Centre is located at 9 Elizabeth Street, Petone. 

          Te Whare Ako is open Monday to Friday, 7.45am to 5.15pm. It provides quality early childhood education and care for children aged between three months and five years.

          The purpose-built Centre has a large indoor play/work area, nursery and quiet rooms. Outside amenities include a fully fenced area which incorporates a sandpit, children's play equipment, swings, a playhouse, lawn and soft-fall area.

          Established in accordance with the Ministry of Education Early Childhood Regulations, the Education Review Office rated it a model building for an early childhood centre.

          For further information or an enrolment package, contact the Centre Manager:

          For more information, see our website

          • Campus Facilities

            Hairdressing Salon

            If you would like a trim, a new hairstyle or even a makeover WelTec has two hairdressing salons. From cuts to colours, to "the works” you can find highly competitive prices at both:

            • Salon CentreStage (Church Street) 
            • Untapped Talent (Petone).
            You can get all the information on our hairdressing services on our website or contact our hairdressing salons on (04) 931 6934.

            Dynamics Gym

            WelTec encourages you to keep fit as it will help you to stay healthy while studying. The Dynamics Gym is available at subsidised rates to all students studying at WelTec. 

            The gym features a separate cardio area with training machines and free weights, as well as a large variety of weight and strength training equipment.

            The centre is open Monday to Friday.

            For information on membership pricing, opening hours, available classes and how to join please see our website or contact the Gym Manager on 0800 WelTec (935 832).


            Food and Drink

            You will need to eat and drink while you are studying. The Petone and Church Street Campuses have student cafes where you can get a wide variety of food and beverages.

            Petone Main Campus

            • The WelTec Café is located on the ground floor of Tower Block. They offer espresso coffee, homemade cakes, slices, healthy sushi, salad, meal of the day, pastas and fresh daily sandwiches, rolls and wraps. Hours during term time: Monday - Thursday 7.30am - 6:00pm, Friday 7.30am - 4.00pm.
            • There is a student kitchen in the Learning Commons, which has a coffee vending machine in location, microwave and access to hot and cold water. Students may also bring their own cups and supplies.
            • There are vending machines in Tower Block, B Block and C Block.

            G Block, Wakefield Street, Petone

            • There is a snack machine, cold drink machine, microwave and access to hot and cold water.

            J Block,  Hutt Road, Petone

            • There is a snack machine, cold drink machine, microwave and access to hot and cold water.

            Church Street Campus, Wellington

            • The WelTec cafeteria is located on Level 3 at the far end of Learning Commons. The Café offers excellent espresso coffee and a variety of hot and cold food, freshly made sandwiches, muffins, cakes and slices, and they will cater to different diet requirements. Hours during term time: Monday to Friday 7.30 am - 4.00 pm
            • There is a student kitchen in the Learning Commons which has a coffee vending machine in location, microwave, and access to hot and cold water. Students may also bring their own cups and supplies.
            • There are vending machines on Level 1.

            Wellington Cuba Street Hospitality Campus

            • Training RestaurantThere are vending machines on Level 1 in the student kitchen area. 
            • There is also a microwave, access to hot and cold water and tea/coffee making facilities. Students are encouraged to bring their own cups.
            • WelTec's Training Restaurant opens for lunch and dinner on selected dates from the beginning of April. The restaurant is open to the public, including students and their friends and family. It is fully licensed and very competitively priced. Lunch reservations 12-12.30pm (dining available until 2pm). Dinner reservation 6 -6.30pm (dining available until 9pm). The restaurant can seat 40 people. For bookings and further information see our website.

            Auckland Campus

            • There is a cold drinks machine, microwave and access to hot and cold water. 
            • There are also cafes, restaurants and shops nearby.

            Christchurch Campus

            • There are cafes on the CPIT campus and supermarkets and cafes within walking distance.
            • Please visit the CPIT Information Desk for more information.


            For competitively priced delicious meals, you can visit WelTec's Training Restaurant on Level 3 of the Hospitality Campus in Cuba Street, Wellington. The restaurant is fully licensed and open to the public for lunch and dinner on selected dates from the beginning of April.

            • Lunch reservations — 12 -12.30 pm (dining until 2 pm)
            • Dinner reservations — 6 - 6.30 pm (dining until 9 pm)

            Find out more about the Training Restaurant on our website.

            Contact us on 0800 WelTec (935 832) to make bookings.

          • Health, Safety and Security

            WelTec works hard to ensure that you are safe while on our campuses. Your job, as a student, is to follow instructions when asked by staff who are looking after your safety.

            If part of your course requires you to attend practical classes, you must wear the prescribed protective clothing and footwear during these classes. For more information about Health and Safety around campus click on the link below. There is also a link for the Emergency Evacuation Procedures, please make yourself familiar with these. 

            Security Guards

            While studying at WelTec, we want you to be kept safe and secure. For this reason, WelTec provides security services at its campuses.

            For any security matters arising between 8.00 am to 10.00 pm, Monday-Friday, please ring 0800 WelTec and ask to speak to the Security Guard. 

            Harassment prevention 

            WelTec is committed to a safe learning and working environment. As such, WelTec actively promotes its policy of harassment prevention for both staff and students. 

            Any member of the institute's community who believe they are being subjected to harassment, be it sexual, racial or bullying, should contact one of the WelTec contact persons. The contact person is responsible for listening to you and taking down a written statement. They will outline the options open to you and offer to arrange any assistance you may require. They will ensure your complaint is dealt with as soon as possible and inform you of any developments. 

            Students and staff are welcome to, and are actively encouraged to, have a support person present at any time during the process for dealing with harassment. Please contact the Academic Director's Office or Human Resources on (04) 9202 409, (04) 9202 410 or (04) 9202 786. If at any time you are not happy with the process, or you do not feel comfortable dealing with the matter inside WelTec, you may contact the Human Rights Commission on (04) 4739 981. They will give you information on what to do next.

          • Transport

            There are many ways to get to your classes on time! You can walk, cycle, car pool, drive yourself or use public transport. Our campuses are all located near public transport routes and many of our students and staff choose to walk or cycle to WelTec.

            If you are unsure which campus you will be located on, please contact a Student Advisor on 0800 WelTec (935 832), email studentadvisors@weltec.ac.nz

            If you have a disability and wish to enquire about mobility parking, please contact an Ability Resources staff member on 0800 WelTec (935 832), email learningcommons@weltec.ac.nz

            Check out the www.journeyplanner.org.nz/routing/help

            Car pooling
            Check out the www.letscarpool.govt.nz

            WelTec has plenty of parking around the Petone campus, but other campuses do not have parking. There are a limited number of on-campus parking permits available at Petone. Please apply to the Student Information Centre, the Hub, Petone.

            Public transport
            Transmetro run trains between Wellington and the Hutt Valley. View timetables

            Metlink provide bus services around Wellington and the Hutt Valley. View timetables

            Auckland transport.  View Auckland transport information here

            Mana Bus services run a bus (route 97) which travels from WelTec, Petone to Whiteria, Porirua and return once a day each way. Details are on www.manacoach.co.nz

            Snapper cards
            You can purchase or top up Snapper cards in the Learning Commons, Petone or at any authorised agency www.snapper.co.nz

            NB: Transport costs may be covered by a Course Related Costs loan as part of a student loan from StudyLink. See Money Matters pages 44-45 for more information.