Payment of Course Fees 

You must pay or make arrangements to pay your fees by the start of your programme of study. An invoice specifying the fees will be sent to you with your confirmation letter. Payment may be by credit card or cheque and EFTPOS facilities are available in the Student Information Centres at both the Petone and Wellington CBD campuses. Cash payments will not be accepted at any WelTec Campus. 

Payment can be made through internet banking into the following BNZ bank account: 02 0544 0013731 000. 

Please include your Student ID in the Particulars, your name in the Code and the invoice number in the Reference. 

Student Loan

For most programmes, you may take out a student loan to pay your fees. 

To access Student Loan Funding apply to StudyLink (0800 88 99 00) or www.studylink.govt.nz. Please apply early since any delay in our receiving your fee payment from StudyLink means that WelTec can begin debt collection procedures. If you are not eligible for a Student Loan for your programme of study, you may apply to pay your fees by automatic payment. 

For more information please visit, call or email the Student Advisor Team, phone: 0800 935 832 or email: studentadvisors@weltec.ac.nz.

Unpaid fees

If fees are not paid, or suitable arrangements to pay not made within 14 days of programme commencement, computer and library access may be withdrawn and WelTec debt collection procedures will start. You will receive two reminders by mail of the unpaid fees, then the debt will be passed to our debt collection agency. Any charges relating to the debt collection will be passed to you. 

If you are having problems paying fees, please talk to a Student Advisor as soon as possible either by visiting the campus, phoning (0800 935 832) or email: studentadvisors@weltec.ac.nz 

NB: Computer log-on access and your WelTec student e-mail address will be withdrawn at the expiry of the official withdrawal period if fees remain unpaid or no arrangement for payment has been made.

If your fees remain unpaid, WelTec reserves the right to cancel your enrolment. Cancellation means you will not be able to attend class or complete your programme of study. It does not remove your liability for the outstanding fees. If your enrolment is cancelled, it may be reinstated on payment of the outstanding fees debt. If any fees are unpaid at the end of your programme of study (such as cross credit fees, library fees, childcare fees), your results and any award/s will not be released until the outstanding balance are paid. This means you will not graduate from your programme. Further enrolment at WelTec will not be permitted if you have an outstanding balance.

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