A category for the collection of modules in the Applied Digital Skills for Teaching and Learning Course

Applied Digital Skills for Teaching and Learning is  designed to introduce staff to the process for developing blended courses.

There are five  (5) modules (with more to be added) and on completion of all 5 you receive a Moodle badge that credits you with   Applied Digital Skills for Teaching and Learning which will provide evidence for your PP&R.

We will develop more advanced modules for 2016 for the Applied Digital Skills for Teaching and Learning. 


Before enrolling talk to you manager, Head of School or appropriate person and make sure the module or course is included on your professional development plan.  

Contact EdTech to be enrolled in the course 

This module is part of Applied  Digital Skills for Teaching and Learning. It is worth one credit.

In this module you'll explore the different ways in which Moodle tools can be used for communicating with students and develop an activity.

In this module you'll:

  • Look at some examples of quizzes
  • Design and set up one or two simple quizzes
  • View student results

You can self enrol in this module.

This module looks at the variety of resources we want to use and some simple first steps in presentation in Moodle.

A second tier module will look at ways of presenting outside of Moodle or using 3rd party applications.

This module  is part of the Applied  Digital Skills for Teaching and Learning course. 

You'll  plan your course or project and be introduced to Ed Tech's planning processes. 

You can self enrol in this course. if you have problems please let Edtech know.

Learn the process for your institution for getting your courses online 

Explore accessibility and usability issues 

Learn how to edit settings and set up your course or programme according to your course plan. 

Upload appropriate files 

Learn how to find and use help files 

Make your course visible to students and view students.

Self enrol in Setting up your course in Moodle