• Teacher Induction module for new tutors 2017

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  • The aim of the module is to help new teaching staff like yourself get off to a good start in your role as a tutor at WelTec or Whitireia.

    By completing this module you'll have completed the first part of the teacher induction programme and learnt some of the basics about planning and designing for teaching. 


    1. Read through  the Getting Started section below.

    2. Read through the module learning outcomes to find out what you will have covered by the time you have finished the units.

    3. Create your own Teacher Induction folder either as an electronic or hard-copy version. You will be adding material to this as you complete the units, and you will be able to talk about it with your manager and Anne.

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    1. Locate your programme document by going to Atea. (hint there is also a link at the bottom of the intranet page). Click on Academic Quality Management.

    To find a programme(see left hand side under Libraries)
    • click on the Centre of Learning to view all the programmes in that CoL
    • click on the School and select the required programme
    2. select, copy and paste the graduate profile onto a MS Word page, or just photocopy the page and highlight the graduate profile with a highlighter. (You don't need to download the whole programme document).

    2. Download your course descriptor(s).  On one of your course descriptors:

    • hIghlight the aim(s). 
    • identify and highlight your topics, the learning outcomes and assessment criteria.

    3. Locate and highlight the assessment methods. Here is an example of a highlighted course descriptor.

    4. Save these documents to your academic induction folder.

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  • TASK

    Video - watch the interactive video, answer the quiz questions and record three things you can change in your class to activate learning.

         Adult learning concepts for more effective teaching

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  • TASK

    1. Download and print off two observation forms
    2. Contact two tutors on the list of tutors for class observations to arrange a time and place
    3. Alternatively, you might like to observe a SASM or mentor from your school for one of your observations
    4. Save your observations of a colleague into your academic induction folder

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    Explains the relationship between the course work our learners do in class and how this links to the course descriptors and assessment.


    1. Watch the video and write three key ideas about constructive alignment and how this relates to your own teaching context. Bullet points are fine.

    2. Use the lesson plan template to plan two consecutive classroom sessions. On each lesson plan you must include:

    • 2-3 learning outcomes that link to the course descriptor (note: a learning outcome is written By the end of this session the learners will be able to list....  label...  explain... demonstrate... answer... calculate...  select... You choose according to what you have decided your learners will be doing in the lesson)
    selected from the previous section called "What is active learning?"  (You might have other activities you like to use instead which is fine). Here is a model of a lesson plan

    3. Carry out the lessons.

    4. Make some notes on the evaluation section of your lesson plan about things that worked well and things that you would change or adapt for next time.

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  • TASK

    1. Contact Anne to arrange a time for her to come and observe your session for one hour. 

    Alternatively, contact your SASM or mentor to observe you. Make sure your mentor uses the same observation form that you used to observe two colleagues.

    2. Prepare a lesson using the lesson plan form. Try to include a warm-up activity, a making sense (doing) activity and a quick feedback activity. These can be from the activities listed in Unit 3 What is active learning?  or your own choices.

    3. Try and weave in an explicit literacy task (reading, writing, speaking or listening) or an explicit numeracy task (number, spatial or measurement).

    4. Carry out your observed session.  Make sure you give Anne your lesson plan AND your graduate profile before she comes to your session.   If possible, meet with Anne or your mentor after the session to discuss the comments on your feedback form.

    5. Save a copy of the observation feedback form in your new tutor induction folder.

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  • The assessment in your course should align with the assessment criteria and methods in your programme document. (Remember the t in Unit 5 Lesson planning ?)

    As a new tutor,  you may be provided with an assessment to use, or you may have to create an assessment.


    1. Look at one of the assessments you are to use or you have made. Does it align with the assessment criteria and methods in the course descriptors?

    2. Are there any changes that need to be made - what are these and why? If not, why not? Make some brief notes about this. You can annotate directly on to the assessment and the course descriptors.

    3. Add your notes and a copy of the annotated assessment and the course descriptor(s) it relates to, to your new tutor induction folder.

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  • TASK:

    Provide some evidence (eg emails, lists and photos), in your new tutor induction folder that shows you are able to locate, select and use:

    1. resources to support learners including a list of staff from student support services designated to your school, the SET team and the Learning Advisors in the Learning Commons or Student Services
    2. academic and learning support such as your school's Academic Advisor, and the Learning Commons/library staff  who help you with finding resources, research and any copyright guidelines you need to be aware of.   There is also a library website 
    3. computer software and systems  such as MS Word, Outlook and online tools such as Aplus+.  eg Have you used Revive? Do you know what it is and how you can use it?
    4. Moodle eg  your moodle course link,  a screenshot of your course moodle site - including where to go for Moodle help.  
    5. Learning Technologies - the WelTec contact for this is   Whitireia: 
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  • TASK

    1. Write or record a short piece about your progress through new teacher induction using My final reflection and summary form.

    2. Meet with your manager and/or SASM to share your new teacher induction folder.

    3. Ask them to  give you verbal feedback and a written summary on the same form.

    4. Send your new tutor induction folder to or submit it through this site at the link below and arrange a meeting time with Anne to discuss this.

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